Tehsil Kot Adu

Kot Adu is a Tehsil of Muzaffargarh District .Kot adu is Thsil head quater if tehsil kotadu .. It is located in the western part of the District 60 km from Muzzafargarh,, It has a population of over 1 millionIt is built just east of the Indus River, It is about 866 km from Karachi, 600 km from Islamabad, 100 km from Multan, 80 km from D.G.Khan, 60 km from Muzzafargarh, 60 km from Layyah and 16km from Taunsa Barrage.
Kot Addu City, being a historic and prosperous city, attracts a number of tourists every year and is known as the 'City of River'. The area around the city is a flat plain and is ideal for agriculture. There are many canals that cross Kot Adu, providing water from nearby rivers.

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